Top 7 Best AutoCAD Courses for Learning From Zero

Top 7 Best AutoCAD Courses for Learning From Zero

AutoCAD is a program for two- and three-dimensional computer-aided design and drafting. It is used by specialists all over the world in various fields such as construction, engineering, design, architecture, etc. Today, let’s break down the 7 best AutoCad courses to teach beginners from scratch.

The salary level of a novice specialist ranges from 40,000 to 80,000 (according to

An intensive program designed for 2 months of training. The course consists of 48 online lessons, grouped into 12 thematic modules. The program allows you to combine study with work or other studies. After theory lessons there are practical homework assignments. The homework is checked by a teacher. The course ends with diploma thesis defense.

🕙 Duration: 2 months
💰 Cost: from 14 000
💵 Installment: from 1,167 /month
✔️ Certificate: available
The course will give you the knowledge you need to work with AutoCAD at the professional level. You will be able to make competent drawings in accordance with the requirements of GOST, TU and OST. You will learn everything about line types, filling, scaling techniques, dynamic blocks and dependencies.

AutoCAD 2D. From zero to professional by Udemy

Author’s program by Andrei Bochkov, posted on the educational resource Udemy. The total duration of video tutorials is 3 hours and 39 minutes. After paying for the course you get permanent access to the lessons, even after the training. The course consists of 43 lectures, and two scientific articles are included as a bonus. AutoCAD 2013 is used in the lectures, but the material is also relevant for later versions of the program. The course will be interesting for students and schoolchildren to get acquainted with AutoCAD.

🕙 Duration: 3,5 hours
💰 Cost: from 8 990
💵 Installments: none
✔️ Certificate: available
The program helps you quickly and efficiently get up to speed with the interface and functionality of AutoCAD. You will learn how to create drawings of 2D objects and other design documents. You will learn how to edit primitives, customize styles, create templates and create dynamic and statistical blocks.

AutoCAD courses from Alliance training center

The training center offers a variety of training options: corporate, individual and distance learning. There are also developed programs of 2 levels of complexity: for elementary level and advanced. Individual approach is a peculiarity of the Alliance courses. Programs are personalized according to clients’ requirements and the final result they want to achieve.

Cost, schedule and timetable are negotiated individually in each case and fixed in the contract.

The courses are aimed at gaining practical skills. As the company itself says, the courses are of an advisory nature, they do not replace education, their completion is not the basis for awarding a qualification. There is no provision for the issue of supporting documents.

Autodesk AutoCAD. Design Fundamentals from Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Serious practical course on the basis of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Lessons are held as evening classes 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 18-30 to 21-40 hours) in Moscow. The total duration of classes is 32 academic hours. Depending on the initial level of knowledge different documents on course completion are available: from a certificate to a certificate on retraining or advanced training.

🕙 Duration: 32 hours
💰 Cost: from 14,950
💵 Installments: none
✔️ Certificate: available
During the training, students will learn how to work with the program interface and its settings, get acquainted with primitives, object properties. They will be able to edit objects with the help of key commands, learn how to print drawings or publish them to PDF.

AutoCAD 100% by Autocad Specialist

Authorized training center of the program’s developer, Autodesk, offers 3 training program options to learn all methods and ways of working in AutoCAD. The standard course consists of 3 modules: a theoretical course and two practical master classes on 2D design of a building and 3D modeling of a cottage. The most extensive maximum course consists of 6 modules. The duration and cost depend on the chosen course. After training in the Optimal and Maximum courses a certificate from Autodesk and AMS is issued. There is a 4-day free test drive of the program.

🕙 Duration: from 20 hours
💰 Cost: from 9 900
💵 Installment: from 1,650 /month
✔️ Certificate: available
During the course, students will learn sound methods and techniques for quick drafting, and master the creation of common templates and custom object libraries. In the process, you will create at least 2 projects to add to your portfolio.

HEDU’s AutoCAD online course

The course consists of 11 video lessons and has 3 levels of immersion. The first level gives you access to the lessons. The second involves self-study and testing. The third level is an individual course with feedback from the instructor, development of an independent project, and peer review. The cost of the course depends on the level of training and varies from 390 rubles to 16 500 rubles. Access to lessons at level 3 is open once a week in the case of homework.

🕙 Duration: 4 months
💰 Cost: from 16,500
💵 Installment: none
✔️ Certificate: available
After completing the course, students will be free to create drawings of varying degrees of complexity using AutoCAD. You will learn the basics and applications of the toolkit for 2 D and 3D modeling and design, learn what isometric projections and layers are.

AutoCAD courses 2022/2021 from

AutoCAD study programs are developed by the computer training center “Specialist” at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. It is an authorized Autodesk training center, so it has the right to issue certificates of international standard. Training programs comply with Autodesk requirements for User and Professional levels.

🕙 Duration: from 16 hours
💰 Cost: from 12 100
💵 Installments: none
✔️ Certificate: available
After completing the training, students will master the working tools and functionality of AutoCAD, learn how to create drawings of varying degrees of complexity. They will learn how to use cloud repositories and synchronize data with offline versions, and how to set up collaborative work in the program on a project using TrustedDWG™ technology.